Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Silver Wedding Party

I've been promising to write about our silver wedding party at Craig y Nos Castle on 23rd August, and have been trying to collect stories from guests of their experience of the day.

My day started at 5.00 am when I got up early to make some props for my son Jamie who had given me a  list of requirements the night before for a sketch he was due to perform at the party. I tried hard not to glue myself to the fan I was recovering...  

By 9.30 am my hair was done, and I was in town working my way through the shopping list Jamie had given me (including buying underwear for his girlfriend Emma).  I was being followed around the underwear section in M&S by a very nice older man who apologised for appearing to stalk me, but was clutching a couple of the diamond daisy clips which had already fallen out of my hair.

10.15 am I was back home making a few urgent phone calls and waiting for my husband Trevor to come back with the transit van he had to hire to fit in all the party decorations and props for the entertainment.  Our plan to get to the venue by 11.00 am was fading fast.

11.00 am - my inlaws turned up at the same time as the van and Jamie and Emma.  After a lengthy packing of the van they followed us to the castle.

1.00 pm - arrived at the venue two hours behind schedule, to find our friends from Street had got there to help us at 11.00 am!  They had tried to check their room booking, with no success, but were quite calm about it all.  We unloaded the van, shoving boxes of flowers, cake etc anywhere we could find in the venue.  Chaos had begun...

Monday, 15 September 2008

Back from Memory Lane


Just got back from a nostalgic trip to my old home town of Reading.

I met up with two of the boys I used to hang around with as a teenager.  I went to Nick's house, and sitting around his kitchen table in Earley while his mum watched the telly in the lounge it was hard to believe that so many years had passed by.....  It all looked just as I remembered it... only we have aged and experienced life somewhat now...

Peter took me back to Coley Ave to see the house I used to live in when I first left home in 1981 - it looks grander than I remembered, but I only got to live in one floor of it... and that was shared with two other girls and various insects (usually the large 8 legged variety) and rodents...

We then went into Reading town centre and had fun trying to work out where some of the places we used to frequent had been - we think we located the Cadena Coffee  House and the toy shop, but couldn't be sure...

I'm back again next weekend for another playback training session, so might take a walk round the roads in Earley to see where I was born (literally) and how much it has changed....

Must be something to do with my age, this need for nostalgia, but it seems to be helping!

Friday, 12 September 2008

First Post

Hello I have started blogging!